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July 15, 2019 Release!

Savanna Series


Thanks to all for your support, we're proud to announce our brand new Half-Animal Savanna Series!  These cute magnetic toys are available now for Pre-Order w/ a Sticky BONUS! They will be released into the wild June 15, 2019! 

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I bought the set of six dinosaurs for my 3-year old grandson for Christmas. He loved them! When he found out the skeletons come apart too . . . wow! He kept taking them part and putting them back together. His favorite gift from me!

Vicki G.

I'm a 37 y/o software engineer. The whole dino set lives on my desk at work. They're so bright and colorful, I get lots of questions and people interested as they pass by. I wish I had a playground for them that was sturdier than paper craft so they could really have a good time.

William R

These are amazing!! Super cute and fun. They keep my hands busy while I work. I have not stopped playing with them since I unpacked them.

Kelsey C.