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This toy is amazing. The two year kid just like to have it in his hands all the time. You can tell the toy has very high quality. Even the package itself is elegant. The magnetic edges of the pieces worked great. Also 5 dirama sheets toys are provided, which definitely is a bonus.


These latest toys are hands down AMAZING! As a mom of two (girl & boy), these are perfect for both of them. The diaramas keep my oldest busy, while my youngest is busy roaring away. The concept behind these toys was so well thought out, and the fact that kids can learn along with them is an additional plus. I can not wait until more collections are released, because just like the Dino’s, I want my kids to own them all!!!

Kimiko Scales

My son and my husband really like this toy. When they received this toy, my son just can’t wait to open it, he likes all the stuff about dinosaurs. The quality of this toy is really good,even the package looks very nice. Also, the best part that our family like this toy is very informative. Not like other toys, this one you can shows how the dinosaurs inside bones looks like. When my husband off work, my son and him always play together, they played this toy and he shows how to assemble the dinosaur’s bone etc. I think it’s a really play and learn toy. Definitely recommended!"


I like the concept of the dinosaur series. It inspires children play and learn each dinosaur through creative dino land. The dino toy is easier assembled and disassembled, colorful manual is easy to read how to handmade dinosaur’s land. So creative and knowledgeable! Will recommend to anyone who wanna create playtime with children. 


We got them and we absolutely love them. They're my 2 year old's favorite toy and when he showed his 3 year old buddy the dinos he was equally obsessed.