African Savanna Bundle! (Pre-Order)
African Savanna Bundle! (Pre-Order)
African Savanna Bundle! (Pre-Order)

African Savanna Bundle! (Pre-Order)

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 Thanks to your generous love and support, our Savanna collection is almost ready to be released into the wild! All new and exciting animals, with everything you love about our Halftoy Dinos -- a sleek yet adorable outer layer that magnetically shells a skeleton puzzle -- and a bit more.

This limited edition set comes with a Savanna Series Halftoy, a paper diorama to build your Halftoy a home, AND an adhesive sticker unique to your very own Halftoy. The sticker set is only available NOW through pre-order and will not be available again.

Pre-Orders will be mailed out by August 2019.

What's New?
Our Savannah Series is a brand new set of African animals and each Halftoy's comes with a sturdier-than-ever paper diorama. Collect and connect each diorama to make your very own Halftoy-verse!

Lion: The King of the Savannah is here! The strongest and most feared predator in the jungle, these powerful cats sit on top of the food chain.
Impala: Swift and graceful, these herd animals can leap over any obstacle in their path. Nothing gets them down and nothing stands in their way.
Hippo: Generous, Loving and Warm. Although these shy "water horses" are slow and clumsy on land, they also are some of the fiercest and strongest creatures in water, their favorite habitat.
Gnu: Strong and Resourceful. With the head of an ox and the body of a horse, these animals are born muscular and swift, deriving their strength from the entire herd.
Crocodile: Patient and Wise. These sly reptiles are the most cunning in all the land! Nothing escapes their notice -- or escapes their long, snapping jaws!
Elephant: The Gentle Giant of the Jungle! These lovable mammals are the most respected and revered in the Savannah

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