Halftoys are designed with a common principle in mind—toys that spark curiosity. From dinosaurs to cars, practically anything can be made into a Halftoy. The result is a family of unique, beautiful-designed toys that is always growing.
STEP 1 Sketch
The sketch is the beginning of a long journey. This is the most important step because it sets the foundation for an entire toy. The sketch refines an animal into a simple silhouette that embodies the animal's personality. Our goal is to create a design that is as simple as possible, yet retains all the characteristics to make a toy animal instantly recognizable.
STEP 2 Mock-up
We understand that Halftoys are more than just cute displays to admire. They are meant to be played with, inside and out. Halftoys are designed with your enjoyment in mind. We want to offer a quality toy that is fun, safe, and intuitive. In the mock-up phase, we research and test qualities like how much friction to use between the bones and how durable materials are.
STEP 3 Manufacture
It is our priority to produce a high quality toy that can be offered at a reasonable price. We studied the best production methods and eliminated unnecessary elements to keep costs as low as possible. During manufacturing, our designs are created into real life toys!
STEP 4 Provide
We want you to have an amazing experience with Halftoys the very moment you set your eyes on them in the store. Starting from our beautiful package design and straight-forward content description, we want our users to know they are holding a quality product. There are no tricks. You’re getting exactly what you’re expecting. A great toy that sparks creativity and curiosity.